5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily| Day #4

El es muy agradable Paola llega en la tarde Por que quieres trabajar aqui? Le gusta jugar col fuego No lo puedo decir, es un secreto           Ich fühle deine Angst Keine Sorgen, ich bin hier Kannst du mit mir ins Kino gehen? Ich höre gerne Musik Freut mich, Sie Kennen

Learn Two Languages in Three Months -Language Challenge Evaluation

One more week and my language challenge will come to an end, in this post I will be ruthlessly critical of my progresses and achievements, or lack thereof. I think this post should be more aptly named “Why I failed learning two languages in three months”, but considering the bubbly positive person I am, I’ll

Learn Italian Online| Video Lesson 1. Basic Italian Greetings -LastMinuteItalian

  In this Last Minute Italian series, we provide you with the very essential phrases to start learning and communicating in Italian. In this first video lesson , you will learn the most common greetings in Italian  in less than five minutes. Let’s start! Ciao a tutti e benvenuti alla prima lezione di “Italiano all’ultimo minuto”! In

Learn Italian Online| How to wonder in Italian – Songs Edition:

Today we will delve into the study of a pair of commonly used Italian words: “Come mai” By itself “Come”, stands to mean “How”, Come stai? – How are you? Come si dice in inglese? – How is it said in English? or How do you say it in English? Come imparare l’italiano in due

Learn Italian Online| Italian Adverbs and Adjectives -Songs Edition

The song, literally “At least you in the Universe”, is a letter written by a lover in which she wonders about the peculiar way people behave. The oddity, insignificance and pure futility of the actions that we witness and perform (first they hate and then love each other, when the fads change they also change) are flashed in brief and poignant vividness.

Learn Italian Online|Italian Conditional Tense for the verb Want, Vorrei – Songs Edition

In this lesson we will explore some of the uses of Vorrei, the Conditional Present form of Volere, which is regularly used in Italian conversations. To help you get this word stuck on your mind, allow me to invite you to listen to a wonderfully melancholic Italian song titled “Vorrei”, by Cesare Cremonini. The bittersweet lyrics