Language Deconstruction Hack – The Tim Ferris Way

A little technique to help us quickly deconstruct and find out the main characteristic of a language even before deciding to spend hours of our time studying it.

Learn German| 10 Absolutely Best (Free) Apps to Learn Languages

Apps are a great way to learn languages, they shouldn’t be the only method used, but I can definitely see the value in them. Over the almost four past months learning two languages, I’ve experimented with many apps, and I’d like to share with you the ones that I found useful to learn languages in

Learn Two Languages in Three Months| The WP Method

It’s been seven days already since I’ve started the Two Languages in Three Months Challenge. My challenge is basically to learn two languages at once within three months. I have to say that it has been a breeze so far, in fact, I’m suspecting I’ll have a huge setback soon. Now, with that good news

Top things I Love about Japan – #1 Social Interactions

Have you ever felt love and affection for someone you never met? I feel this way towards Japan! Yeah, I’m aware that Japan is not a person but a country..sigh. Everything in the Japanese culture simply makes me want to shout out “Tsuugoooooi!!” Last night I was reading this passage from the Pimsleur book:  You