Italian Challenge: Super fast Reading of Cappuccetto Rosso, Little Red Riding Hood| VIDEO

C’era una volta una dolce bambina; solo a vederla le volevano tutti bene, e specialmente la nonna che non sapeva più che cosa regalarle. Una volta le regalò un cappuccetto di velluto rosso, e poiché le stava cosi bene, e lei non voleva indossare altro, cominciarono a chiamarla tutti Cappuccetto Rosso. Un giorno sua madre

Improve Italian Pronunciation #2 – Italian Poem on Mothers by Edmondo De Amicis | VIDEO

Italian Poetry reading to help you improve your pronunciation
Following is a beautiful poem by Edmondo De Amicis dedicated to his mother.

Improve Italian Pronunciation #1| Italian Poems by Salvatore Quasimodo

Reading poetry is a terrific way to improve your Italian. Listen to the slow reading of the poems a couple of times to get an idea of the flow of the language and then try to read along, initially focusing on the rhythm. Salvatore Quasimodo Ed è subito sera Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della

Weekly Sentences in 7 Languages #3

Salut! Here’s the third batch of Weekly Sentences in 7 Languages! Check out here Week 1 and Week 2. Hope you are all doing great!

Why I’m Teaching my (Hearing) Baby Sign Language – and How he’s Becoming a Polyglot

In this post you’ll find out how my son is incidentally becoming a multilingual child – learning effortlessly three languages, to be precise. (If you want to skip the intro, and how it all happened, read directly the list of 12 reasons, particularly points 7, 11 and 12.) When I first heard my baby cry,

Language Deconstruction Hack – The Tim Ferris Way

A little technique to help us quickly deconstruct and find out the main characteristic of a language even before deciding to spend hours of our time studying it.

The End! And a New Beginning…

What this challenge made me realize is that I really had a deep interest on the mechanism and process of learning itself.

I want to try and come up with some sort of blueprint for language learning, a formula that could be readily adopted by anyone, and that could possibly be applied to any type of learning.

Learn German| 10 Absolutely Best (Free) Apps to Learn Languages

Apps are a great way to learn languages, they shouldn’t be the only method used, but I can definitely see the value in them. Over the almost four past months learning two languages, I’ve experimented with many apps, and I’d like to share with you the ones that I found useful to learn languages in

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily|Day #1

*Daily practice sentences. If you’ve read the post on the Two languages in 3 months challenge evaluation , I’ve mentioned in point #7 that “I didn’t have a pen and paper notebook to record learned words and phrases from day one”. Well, apart from that I’ve also decided I would keep an online record of the