5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily(with Italian translation)| Day #7

Crei que su casa estaba aqui (Credevo che la tua casa fosse qui) Nos conocemos desde hace mucho tiempo (Ci conosciamo da molto tempo) Ellos pueden venir con nosotros (Loro possono venire con noi) Mañana hara mal tiempo (Domani faràbrutto tempo) Que hay para almuerzo? (Cosa c’è per pranzo?)   Neu Tag, neu Leben(Nuovo giorno,

What does “Arrivederci”Really Mean?|Italian Bits|VIDEO

Ciao a tutti! You might have already heard the word Arrivederci, in Italian. It’s a common semi formal way of taking leave from someone. The most informal way to bid good bye would be something like “Ciao, ciao” in Italian. Although Arrivederci is commonly translated as goodbye, this Italian word is rich enough to deserve

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily| Day #6

Todos es possible si trabaja fuerte Quiero ir a el museo de Louvre No entiendo a que te refieres Cuanto costa esta silla? Tengo que terminar esto trabajo rapidamente           Du hast keinen ahnung Was ist los mit ihm? Ich habe dir mit Vergnügen geholfen Die Kinder lieben Hunde Das ist

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily| Day #5

Si piensas positivo, vas a vivir una vida mejor – Wenn Du positiv denkst, wirst du ein besseres Leben leben Mantiene la calma y sigue leyendo – Bleib ruhig und lese weiter Mi perro es pequeño y muy precioso – Mein Hund ist klein und sehr schön Puedes decirme donde estabas ayer noche? – Kannst du mir sagen,

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily|Day #3

Manana es otro día – Morgen es eine neuer Tag Donde es mi llave? – Wo ist meine Schlüssel? El tío me dijo que soy muy talentoso – die Kerl sagt mir, ich bin sehr talentiert Que tal hoy con todos? – Wie geht’s heute mit alle? Te estado esperando aquí desde ayer – Ich

5 German and Spanish Sentences Daily|Day #2

Quiero hablar contigo mañana No puede mover la silla No saben por que tengo que ir Otra vez, por favor Mira a esto magnifico cielo       Das ist wie man es tun Er fährt jeden Morgen nach Rom Du verstehst nicht wie wichtig das ist Sie ist ein Teil von mir Können wir

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily|Day #1

*Daily practice sentences. If you’ve read the post on the Two languages in 3 months challenge evaluation , I’ve mentioned in point #7 that “I didn’t have a pen and paper notebook to record learned words and phrases from day one”. Well, apart from that I’ve also decided I would keep an online record of the

Language learning hack #2 : How to Incorporate learning into your daily life|VIDEO

What do you do when you can’t go to an institute to learn a language or don’t have the time to sit and learn the language? Well, let the language follow you around and permeate your day to day life, instead. I’d like to thank you, Michael, for your question on the previous post, it

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How Learning a New Language Can Make You a Better Person

Have you ever sang a song that you liked but of which you didn’t really know the lyrics? Admit it, we both know you did! How would it feel to sing that song out loud in front of strangers, or worse, for your boss or classroom to hear? A bit embarrassing right?

I believe this is the feeling one gets when speaking a foreign language for the first time.