100 Must-Know Phrases in Any Language- your input welcomed

I’ve mentioned in another post how I’d start mastering some basic phrases in order to learn German and Spanish, and any language after that. Well, I’m finally publishing what I consider the most important ones, but I feel I’m still missing some fundamental phrases, so if you’d like to join in and help me, I’d

Learn Italian Online| Video Lesson 1. Basic Italian Greetings -LastMinuteItalian

  In this Last Minute Italian series, we provide you with the very essential phrases to start learning and communicating in Italian. In this first video lesson , you will learn the most common greetings in Italian  in less than five minutes. Let’s start! Ciao a tutti e benvenuti alla prima lezione di “Italiano all’ultimo minuto”! In

The Stages of Language Learning|VIDEO

Maybe you remember how it all happened that you first started learning the fascinating Blablah language? No? Let me help you freshen up your lazy memory like an ambitious cucumber refreshes an elephant. #1. The Inception Stage You’ve heard of Blablah first when you were in a club. It was unexpected, you were already trying

Learn Two Languages in Three Months| The WP Method

It’s been seven days already since I’ve started the Two Languages in Three Months Challenge. My challenge is basically to learn two languages at once within three months. I have to say that it has been a breeze so far, in fact, I’m suspecting I’ll have a huge setback soon. Now, with that good news

Learn Two Languages in Three Months – Language Challenge

So how difficult is it to learn two languages? Every tried learning two languages simultaneously? And how difficult can learning two languages in three months be? Seems that I will found out soon. I’ve been toying with the idea of learning Spanish and French for a while now. But I’ve always thought of them as