Come stai? 25+ Ways to Answer in Italian Like a Native + Awesome Little Social Hack + Troll Answers

Come stai? – How are you? ‘Come stai’, in Italian, as in many other languages, is more of a social question asked out of politeness or to start a conversation, than an actual question. You can gauge the level of confidentiality, comfort and trust that exists between two people by how they each respond to

Learn Italian Online| English Words Used in Italian Conversations| VIDEO

I want to introduce you to some English words you can actually use with an Italian. Here’s a brief (and perfectly believable, let me add) scenario in which English words are used within a dialogue between two Italian people.

Language Deconstruction Hack – The Tim Ferris Way

A little technique to help us quickly deconstruct and find out the main characteristic of a language even before deciding to spend hours of our time studying it.

Weekly sentences in 7 languages

Hallo Leute! I haven’t posted much these past two week. It seems that I really needed a break! My mind is literally exhausted from all the effort that goes into language learning. It’s true that I enjoy it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes easier -especially if you are working on several other

Learn Italian-Thanking and Apologizing|VIDEO

Ciao a tutti e benvenuti alla seconda lezione di “Italiano all’ultimo minuto”! In meno di cinque minuti imparerete quali sono i modi più comuni per ringraziare e scusarsi in italiano. Cominciamo! Hello there and welcome to the second lesson of LastMinuteItalian. In less than five minutes you will learn the most common ways to express

5 Sentences in German and Spanish Daily(with Italian translation)| Day #7

Crei que su casa estaba aqui (Credevo che la tua casa fosse qui) Nos conocemos desde hace mucho tiempo (Ci conosciamo da molto tempo) Ellos pueden venir con nosotros (Loro possono venire con noi) Mañana hara mal tiempo (Domani faràbrutto tempo) Que hay para almuerzo? (Cosa c’è per pranzo?)   Neu Tag, neu Leben(Nuovo giorno,

What does “Arrivederci”Really Mean?|Italian Bits|VIDEO

Ciao a tutti! You might have already heard the word Arrivederci, in Italian. It’s a common semi formal way of taking leave from someone. The most informal way to bid good bye would be something like “Ciao, ciao” in Italian. Although Arrivederci is commonly translated as goodbye, this Italian word is rich enough to deserve

Learn Italian Online| Video Lesson 1. Basic Italian Greetings -LastMinuteItalian

  In this Last Minute Italian series, we provide you with the very essential phrases to start learning and communicating in Italian. In this first video lesson , you will learn the most common greetings in Italian  in less than five minutes. Let’s start! Ciao a tutti e benvenuti alla prima lezione di “Italiano all’ultimo minuto”! In

Learn Italian Online| How to wonder in Italian – Songs Edition:

Today we will delve into the study of a pair of commonly used Italian words: “Come mai” By itself “Come”, stands to mean “How”, Come stai? – How are you? Come si dice in inglese? – How is it said in English? or How do you say it in English? Come imparare l’italiano in due