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Language Deconstruction Hack – The Tim Ferris Way

I’ve recently read a post by Tim Ferris, the author of  The 4-Hour Workweek, among other books.

In the post, he shared a little technique to help us quickly deconstruct and find out the main characteristic of a language even before deciding to spend hours of our time studying it.

I’m still quite clueless about Turkish (for the Turkish sentences, I’ve asked help from a native speaker), so I thought I would use the few sentences given by Tim, add some of my own, and translate them to all the languages I’m involved with (yes, I’m perfectly aware that was a weird way to say that).

I’m publishing below the first draft, I know I could add more variations and cases but I’m quite satisfied with this first trial. I found it absolutely fascinating to compare the different structure each language has, apart from being actually very helpful and elucidating! Maybe, in time, I could do a proper post-long analysis of the various structures.

For now, here is, Tim Ferris’ style, The Language Deconstruction Technique Applied on 7 Languages!

If you have found it helpful as well and would be interested in more posts of the type, do let me know (and Follow this blog, if you haven’t already!).

If you speak a language other then those featured in the table and would like to add your own language, all you have to do is to translate them in a comment and I will update the document gladly.

This post is part of the Weekly Sentences in 7 Languages series.

For more info, you can find Tim’s post here, and I highly recommend you read it.

Tschüss! Güle Güle!

3 thoughts on “Language Deconstruction Hack – The Tim Ferris Way

  1. Love it! Reminds me of Fetch-a-phrase, whom I mentioned in my recent post. I need to do something like what you did for the languages I encounter around town.

    BTW I noticed a couple typos. “She” in Arabic is هي. You left out a hyphen in French a-t-il.

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